Elisa's Favorite Zines

We asked our friend Elisa Landaverde, Special Collections LGBTQ+ Librarian at the MSU Libraries, to send us their favorite queer zines, to introduce students to the diversity of the format before our National Coming Out Day Zine Making Party on October 8 from 1-5pm. Find these and more at the MSU Libraries!


Culture Slut Zine

1. Culture slut. Issue #19 - Amber Forrester (2009)

An intimate account of coming to terms with sexuality, bisexual erasure, and embracing your own queerness.



Jenny Shimizu Zine

2. Jenny Shimizu (2011) - Eloisa Aquino

From the series The life and times of butch dykes

A tribute to Asian American super model and actor Jenny Shimizu.



Radical Transfeminism Zine

3. Radical Transfeminism (2017) illustration by Mukund and co-edited by Nat Raha

Produced in Edinburgh, this zine features essays and manifestoes on topics such as transmisogyny, erasure, sexual politics, healthcare, and reproductive justice.



 Body Like Mine Zine

4. Body like mine: on being queer, poly, and fat - Jared Rourke (2017)

A merge of poetry and storytelling that include themes such as first encounters and body positivity.



Yes I'm Flagging Zine

5. Yes I’m flagging (2018) - Archie Bongiovanni

A guide to the queer handkerchief code to signal the kind of sex you want to have.



An Asexual's Firsts Zine

6. An asexual's firsts (2018) - Lauren Hamell

A collection of poems about first experiences while coming to terms with her sexuality.



Gendergood Zine

7. Gendergood: an exploration into the systems and strategies that contribute to trans & nonbinary gender validation and euphoria - Grayson Colbert (2020)

Series of illustrations based on images sent to the artist capturing moments of gender euphoria.



NDN Hair Zine

8. NDN Hair - Whess Harman (2020)

A personal account on the complexities of hair and gender, the meaning of hair for Indigenous folk, and post-top surgery impressions.