Pride Scholarship

The Pride Scholarship was founded in 2000 by Bill Beachler, MSU Alumnus; and GLFSA, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Student Association of Michigan State University.  This is one of only a handful of such scholarships offered by U.S. universities.

In 2000, the scholarship awarded was $500; it has since grown to an award of approximately $20,000+, with further growth expected. The award is given to an MSU undergraduate student selected through a competitive application process. Candidates should demonstrate academic achievement and involvement with, or contributions to, the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Preference is given to an incoming, first year (or transfer) student, although all undergraduate students are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

To apply for the Pride Scholarship, you must submit:

Your resume should include all co-curricular involvement and activities.  Please be sure to include any involvement, whether it be in-school or outside of school, that demonstrates your commitment to the LBGT community.  This file should be submitted as a Microsoft Word or .pdf file.

Your personal statement must be 500 – 1000 words.  This should be an essay explaining why you are seeking this scholarship and your relevant experience in light of the description of the scholarship.  You may mention, but need not prove, financial need.  This file should be submitted as a Microsoft Word (.docx) or .pdf file.

You may want to consider touching on these topics:

  • Ways in which having this scholarship will help you achieve your academic and life goals;
  • Previous involvement with LBGT activities in school or in the broader community;
  • Ways in which you consider yourself to be an activist or agent for social change;
  • Involvement that includes multiple identities;
  • Obstacles or challenges you have faced and overcome in relation to your LBGT involvement or activism.

Application materials must be submitted via the Student Affairs and Services scholarship website.


March 16, 2020

Past Pride Scholarship Recipients

  • 2021, Eryn Greuel
  • 2021, Emily Petrosky
  • 2021, Valentine McWilliams
  • 2020, Rian Harlow
  • 2020, Cameron Howell
  • 2020, Angel Andrade
  • 2020, Calista Busch
  • 2020, Thiago Favret
  • 2017, Adrian Skazalski
  • 2016, Caitlynn Upton
  • 2015, Salem Joseph
  • 2014, Jessica Sun
  • 2013, Shelby Cieslinski
  • 2012, Kaitlyn Beyer
  • 2011, Kiara Farrell-Starling
  • 2010, Zachary DeRade
  • 2009, Erica Shekell
  • 2008, Paul Deckard
  • 2007, Grace Wojcik
  • 2006, Jennifer Tindle
  • 2005, John Herbst
  • 2004, Kathleen Salada
  • 2003, Emily Brozovic & Jason Bryans
  • 2002, Jon Hoadley
  • 2001, Lindsay Noechel
  • 2000, Lindsay Stafford