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Health Services on Campus

MSU Student Health Services provides transgender students with medical and psychological services to optimize overall physical and psychological well-being and self-fulfillment. Their primary provider team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants is trained to provide medical care for persons of all genders. In addition, they have staff to provide ongoing care for students receiving hormone therapy while away from their home provider.

Olin Health Center has physicians who are able to provide ongoing medication refills to students with a documented treatment plan. For students who are starting hormone replacement therapy for the first time, Olin Health Center does initiate prescriptions. In order to do this, Olin requires a referral letter from a qualified mental health professional as required by the Standards of Care (Version 7) of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health. Olin created a page explaining their Services for Transgender Students.

It is most helpful if your complete medical records are available to review prior to your initial appointment at Olin, including:

  • Diagnostic evaluations from primary care, psychiatric, and specialty physicians;
  • Medication prescription information; and,
  • Treatment and therapy plans.

You can sign a release for the Medical Records Department to request your records, or records can be faxed directly from your provider to MSU Student Health Services. Medical Records can be reached at 517-353-9153 (phone) or (517) 432-9460 (fax). 

MSU also offers students, faculty, and staff two HIV testing options at Olin Health Center:

  1. Confidential Testing During a Clinic Visit
    • During a routine primary care visit, your provider may give you the option to be tested for HIV. HIV testing is routinely offered to patients in college as part of regular health care. If you choose to be tested during your primary care visit, the testing will be confidential, but not anonymous. There will be a charge for the HIV test, and results are generally available in 2-5 business days.
    • To schedule a primary care visit, call 517-353-4660.
  2. Free & Anonymous at Health Education
    • Free and anonymous HIV testing is offered through Health Education Services at Olin Health Center. You can find more information about Health Education Services, or schedule an appointment online or by calling 517-353-4660.

Health Services in the Area

Trans-friendly doctors can be found through Transgender Michigan and Queering Medicine.

You can also find sexual health and testing options in the local community.

Planned Parenthood provides STD/STI testing and education, as well as women and men’s health care services. Some locations also provide HRT and trans-specific care for TGQNB individuals. Planned Parenthood’s services are offered on a sliding scale and some are free for those who qualify. Sliding scale prices are a beneficial resource for those who do not wish to be on their parent’s insurance. Planned Parenthood lists gender identity as one of the characteristics that they do not discriminate against.

The Ingham County Health Department STI Services provides clinical services in the strictest of confidence to all county residents who seek care and/or education for the prevention of STIs. While trying to continue to offer services at a low and/or no cost, they ask for clients who are able to provide a donation. To make an appointment, call 517-887-4424.

Providers: Please consider this resource from the nursing department of USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. It provides insight in to what health care providers can do to better support trans patients:

Redefining Safe Spaces for Transgender Patients 

Counseling Services

  • The MSU Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) has an LGBT Liaison, Ginny Blakely, for students who need to talk to someone about their gender identity.
  • GIAA (Gender Identity and Attractionality) is a confidential, small support group for LGBTQ students through CAPS. There are two groups - one for undergraduate and one for graduate students. 
  • The Sexual and Gender Minority Clinic provides specialized mental health resources and counseling for LBGTQ+ adults and young adults

For more information about either of these opportunities:

  • E-mail Ginny Blakely:
  • Visit Counseling and Psychiatric Services in Olin on the 3rd floor