Student Caucuses

Residence Hall Caucuses

Each of the MSU Neighborhoods is entitled to a residential caucus dedicated to LGBT students. The residence hall groups primarily focus on providing a safe space for personal and social support and furthering education on the LGBT communities. Some groups have their own personal meeting room while others meet in various locations around the neighborhood. Funding for each group comes from the Residence Hall Association (RHA).

RHA also funds a fifth caucus, Transcend:

  • Transcend is a campus-wide caucus which seeks to build a sense of community among MSU students who are transgender, nonbinary, and/or gender non-conforming, as well as to defend their rights and advocate for their specific social, educational, and cultural needs. These students often face harassment, hostility, and discrimination in every area of their lives, including when interacting with the university. A supportive network will help combat the transphobia, cissexism, transmisogyny, and isolation that these students frequently experience.