Registered Student Organizations

Campus-wide Student Organizations


A support network for students who are within the LGBTQIA+ population with a focus on cultivating a more connected community across campus in a relaxed and positive social environment. Arc works to connect LGBTQIA+ students across campus to create real friendships through games, movies, events, and socializing!


A safe meeting place for asexual and aromantic people, discuss asexuality, aromanticism and other gender and sexuality issues, and promote awareness and education about asexuality and aromanticism.

Delta Lambda Phi

A social fraternity created by gay men, for all men, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender expression. The Chi Chapter engages in social, service, and philanthropic activities that benefit the LGBT and MSU communities. Along with building a brotherhood, we are committed to promoting inclusiveness and fostering spaces for growth and personal development.

HOUS (Honesty. Opulence. Uniqueness. Strength)

The goal of HOUS is to create an all-inclusive space on MSU's campus that celebrates queerness through performance art, with the larger goal of bringing drag and ballroom culture to the students of MSU.

PRIDE POCC (PRIDE People of Color Coalition)

An organization for LGBTQ Spartans of Color and their allies. The purpose of PRIDE POCC is to provide a safe, inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ People of Color. We want to give people with this identity a space for them to get connected, build community and service those who need it.


MSU’s group that centers trans and/or nonbinary undergraduate students. TransAction aims to be a resource for trans students at MSUTransAction, and we welcome the beautiful trans community at MSU through serious discussions, light-hearted events, and advocacy work. To meet people and find out when/where our weekly meetings are, please join our Discord! (Alternatively, email us to be put on our email list!) To find out more or connect with an E-Board member anonymously, visit our website and use the "let's chat" function!

Student Organizations Affiliated with Schools and Colleges


QT-Grad is a newly revived organization which strives to connect queer and trans graduate students from all areas of campus to facilitate community building, mentorship, and professional development. If you are interested in being a part of our organization, please contact Riley Pizza ( for meeting information and an invitation to our discord server

Broad College of Business - Spartan Pride

The purpose of this organization is to build relationships between the Eli Broad College of Business Undergraduate and Graduate student populations, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Corporations, focused on LGBTQ+ awareness. Furthermore, provide professional networking opportunities, promote a safe and supportive environment for students, faculty and staff and facilitate professional development focused on continued representation of LGBTQ+ individuals in Business.

College of Veterinary Medicine - Broad Spectrum Veterinary Student Association

(BSVSA-MSU) is the local student chapter of the Lesbian & Gay Veterinary Medical Association. BSVSA envisions an inclusive academic veterinary community where LGBTQ+ people and allies are able to THRIVE in a diverse veterinary profession.

College of Law - Triangle Bar Association

seeks to increase social acceptance, and provide support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender variant and queer (LGBTQAI+) students, families, faculty, staff, and allies in the legal community. Specifically, we aim to: 1) Develop an academic environment that supports queer legal scholarship; 2) Maintain a strong visible community of LGBTQAI+ law students; 3) Organize events relating to political, social, and legal issues affecting the LGBTQAI+ community; 4) Educate the Law School community on the legal status of LGBTQAI+ individuals, and; 5) Develop resources to support LGBTQAI+ attorneys or attorneys representing the interests of LGBTQAI+ clients.

College of Human Medicine - LGBTQIA+ Medicine

LGBTQIA+ Med is established for the expressed purpose of increasing the competency and confidence of medical students, healthcare professionals, and faculty in serving LGBTQIA+ patient populations. Through campus involvement, workshops, and community outreach, our mission is to improve the health of LGBTQIA+ patient populations.

James Madison College - The Stonewall Society

The Stonewall Society of MSU's purpose is to provide LGBTQ+ Madisonians a voice through meaningful discussions about LGBTQ+ issues in the world and on campus, advocacy for the general well-being of LGBTQ+ students, and to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion in curriculum, social programming, and college culture.