Small and Serial Programs

New2U rainbow TRainbow LRainbow JRainbow C

New2U is a six(6) week long series of events designed to help new LGBTQIA2S+ Spartans build community, learn about campus resources, and start assessing their needs for a successful college experience. 

Community Conversations Rainbow LRainbow JRainbow I

Community Conversations is a series of gatherings designed to support specific identity groups within the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Students are invited to monthly events for QTBIPOC, bisexual, transgender and nonbinary, and asexual communities to discuss topics that explore the intersections within LGBTQA+ identities. 

Family Dinner  Rainbow LRainbow J

Family Dinners occur monthly and rotate dining halls across campus. They are an opportunity for students to share a meal and be in community with each other. 


LGBTea rainbow TRainbow LRainbow C

This serial gathering delves deep into a topic that is shared beforehand. It is an opportunity to learn from each other in an environment that is largely guided by the participants instead of a staff facilitator. Topics covered in the past have been coming out, bisexual identity and many more. 

Bisexual Visibility Day Rainbow LRainbow J

Annually on September 23rd we commemorate Bisexual Visibility Day! On this day we highlight bisexual acivists, artists, and humans past and present who further the converation around biphobia and sexual representation. 

Asexual Awareness Week Rainbow LRainbow J

There is a week in October that we uplift the experiences of the asexual community.We do this by tabling and provinding educational opportunities that break myths and tell truths about asexuality. 

Intersex Awareness Day Rainbow LRainbow J

On October 26th each year we work to highlight intersex people and dispell myths around intersex experiences. 


International Nonbinary People’s Day Rainbow LRainbow JRainbow JU

International Nonbinary People's Day is observed each year on July 14. We use our social media to educate about nonbinary identities and share the voices of nonbinary people around the world.